About Us

. . . SINCE 1974, der Kinder Garden Pre School has educated 1000's of South Bay Children's with these personally created "Sound of the week", Phonics Based educational program. With five campuses for 40+ wonderful years! Known also for our "Flowers and Art".

. . . Everyone knows a family touched by der Kinder Garden Pre School. Our children return with their children enrolling them all the while asking about their teachers. Our teachers are special and many are still here …just a little older.

. . . Now dKGPS is a "boutique" school among the trees on 10th St. in Manhattan Beach - right of Aviation .

. . . We continue to offer our great staff with time proven Sound Of The Week Program. We have flexible hours so we can make our families lives easier, Open 6:30 Am to 6:00 p.m.

. . . Our Staff is seasoned and with our boutique atmosphere especially loving and caring. Whether 6 weeks or 5 years, we set the standard of care all schools strive for part time or full time, we are here.


. . . We are traditional in our values and proud of our activities.. …

. Christmas productions, Wonderful Valentine's Day for kids & Moms.

. . .Easter Egg Dying . . . . . . . . . .. . Easter Hat Parade.

. . . Ah yes St. Pat's Day . . . . . . . .. . Parades.

. . . Special Tea Party on . . . . . . . . Mother's Day.

. ..Father’s Day is for coffee
. ..And donuts!

Summer Program

. .Like you see in the movies. From Hawaii to Mexico Cowboys and Indians. We offer special fun theme weeks.

. . You will be Comforted when you see No TV!!

. .Rather singing and story telling at it's best! Staff even sing in the infant classroom.

..Come and see us in action. Our long term staff keeps fun and flowers growing at der Kinder Garden Pre School.


. .Our rates are a pleasure to share with you! Be assured that your child care dollars will bring your children, joy, love, and security.

. .And we also try to make the parents life joyful and secure too.

. .. .Our 4 Year Olds are reading Distar Phonics Program at DKG!!!